FAMCare is committed to providing excellence in care through child and family-based services that include:

  • Case Management
  • Risk Prevention and Assessment
  • Family Preservation
  • Parent Education
  • Child Care Services
  • Respite In-Home Care
  • Tele-Health Monitoring
  • Health Care Monitoring
  • Medication Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Safe Sleep Education
  • Food, Clothing, and Housing
  • Transportation Services
  • Counseling
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention
  • Child Placement Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Faith Based Services
  • Domestic Violence Counseling
  • Pediatric Health and Screening Services
  • Mentoring and Coaching
Multiethnic Group of Teenagers Outdoor
Case Management

At FAMCare CONNECT, the care of children and families is managed by licensed professionals, most of whom are master’s or bachelor’s level social workers. These professionals oversee all services to achieve safe and timely permanency. Our staff members assess children’s medical, educational and behavioral healthcare needs and follow up with appropriate recommendations for care, while assuring all necessary services are obtained. Our professionals identify family members and other interested parties who form a group to strategize, create a plan and coordinate care for the child, with the ultimate goal of achieving and maintaining a safe productive home.

Parent Management Training

FAMCare CONNECT provides brief interventions and parenting education sessions. We connect families with community support services and educational resources. Our parenting sessions and program resources cover topics such as: money management, household organization, meal planning, nutrition, family mediation, safety plans, crisis intervention, effects of violence, in-home support services, and your county resources. FAMCare CONNECT believes all families have strengths and understands that many families may experience difficult times. Our goal is to help families recognize their strengths and maintain their family structure.

Child Care Services

Choosing the best child care can be a difficult decision because there are so many things to consider. FAMCare CONNECT can help make your decision easier with a counselor who can provide information about the types of child care services in the community, the features of quality child care, and referrals to child care programs that can meet your needs and the needs of your child.

TeleHealth Monitoring and In-Home Services

Medi Connect is our TeleHealth In-Home Services Division offers home TeleHealth services. Our Home Telehealth services give us the ability to monitor and measure our patient health data and information over geographical, social, and cultural distances. This monitoring includes the use of both video and non-video technologies. Using TeleHealth technology for our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation services, our patient’s clinical needs and objectives are met. During each session, our patients are instructed to measure their vital signs, respond to health assessment questions, receive timely, specific, and educational information via video, see motivational messages and complete surveys. The application of these technologies allows for increased access to health services, improved disease management, improved self-care management with earlier and proactive interventions for positive outcomes.

Medication Management

FAMCare CONNECT’s skilled nurses provide medication management. These Registered and Licensed Nurses conduct evaluations of the patient, develop a care plan that includes a choice of medication, and offer the patient a clear explanation of any diagnosis and recommended treatment. FAMCare CONNECT medical professionals, family members, medical doctors, and pharmacists are all involved in the medication management process when it is appropriate. We rely on feedback and invite active participation from all parties to assure the highest quality of treatment possible.

Safe Sleep Education

FAMCare CONNECT’s education and awareness initiatives are designed to increase understanding about both Infant Safe Sleep and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). By educating parents, our goal is to reduce SIDS and infant sleep related deaths of babies.


FAMCare CONNECT’s counseling provides brief intervention services for individual, marriage, and family counseling. In addition, we offer a number of special programs addressing such concerns as youth alcohol and drug abuse, children’s adjustment to divorce, anger management. FAMCare CONNECT uses the resources of social workers, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and certified addiction counselors. In doing so, our overriding goal is to help assist in decision-making, crisis intervention, solutions, skill building, and mental health support.

Child Placement Services

Family preservation efforts are provided to prevent out-of-home placement whenever possible. Most often foster care is temporary and children are reunited with their parents within a short time. Preserving relationships with family members is crucial to a child’s sense of safety and well-being. When relatives and kin are not available, FAMCare CONNECT recruits community members to become foster families.

Faith Based Services

Faith and spirituality play a beneficial role in the prevention of drug and alcohol use disorders and in programs designed to treat and promote recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. FAMCare CONNECT builds and supports partnerships with faith-based and community organizations to better serve individuals, families, and communities.

Pediatric Health and Screening Services

FAMCare CONNECT coordinates children’s vision, speech, hearing; and development screenings. Children can be checked for anemia, lead poisoning, chronic diseases and dietary counseling may be provided as well. Services are provided through well child and pediatric primary care clinics.  Nursing, medical, social work and nutrition staff in the home setting provides routine screenings and health guidance.

Risk Prevention and Assessment

FAMCare CONNECT helps struggling families stay together using evidence-based interventions and decisions based on safety and risk assessments. We are dedicated to providing 24-hour support to families 365 days a year to help them identify and remove barriers to wellbeing.  We provide intensive in-home services with social workers who diligently match the levels of intervention to the level of need in the family.

Family Preservation

FAMCare CONNECT’s family preservation services provide comprehensive services to children and parents to keep children in their homes and families together.  Local county Child and Family Services offices refer families who are in danger of having a child removed from the home.  Upon referral, intense family preservation services are initiated.  FAMCare CONNECT’s support team focuses on helping parents strengthen parenting skills, develop structure and guidelines within the family, locate and access resources, and improve the family’s ability to handle a variety of situations.  Our goal is to reestablish and safeguard family health and wholeness.

Respite In-Home Care

FAMCare CONNECT’s respite care services provide temporary breaks from care giving for a person (of any age) in foster or adoptive families, having a disability, special need, or chronic illness.  Respite is an essential service that keeps families together by protecting the health and mental health of the caregiver.  Whether its a parent caring for a child with disabilities or a spouse or adult child caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, respite can help families continue caring for their loved one at home. FAMCare CONNECT works to help families and caregivers get the breaks they need.

Health Care Monitoring

FAMCare CONNECT provides In-Home health monitoring services to reduce hospital readmissions, improve wellness, and outcome measures. Our clinicians monitor patients, so they can make more timely care decisions. We also provide patient education, promoting healthy behaviors and self-care. Our efforts lead to better clinical outcomes and reduced healthcare costs through fewer unplanned hospitalizations and ER visits.

Care Coordination

Health care providers work hard to provide quality care, but it can be a challenge to juggle and coordinate information. FAMCare CONNECT works to ensure that health care providers have the resources and information they need to coordinate care. Our goal of coordinated care is to make sure that patients, especially the chronically ill, get the right care at the right time, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and preventing medical errors. There is tremendous benefit when doctors, health care providers, and hospitals coordinate your care through a care coordination team, because they work together to give you the right care at the right time and in the right setting.

Food, Clothing, Housing and Transportation Services

FAMCare CONNECT provides a wide range of supportive services designed to meet the individual’s self defined goals. Working with Community Partners we assist children and families with obtaining emergency housing, transportation, food, clothing, and access to donated items.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Child abuse and neglect are serious problems that can have lasting harmful effects on victims. FamCare CONNECTs goal for child abuse and neglect prevention is clear—to stop child abuse and neglect from happening in the first place. Safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for all children and families can prevent child abuse. Preventing child abuse and neglect means influencing individual behaviors, relationships among families and neighbors, community involvement, and the culture of a society. Prevention strategies include effective programs that focus on individual behavior and attitude change, and also efforts that change policies and societal norms to create environments that support safe, stable, nurturing relationships for children and families. FAMCare CONNECT works to implement effective prevention strategies to stop child abuse and neglect before it happens and to foster commitment to social change.

Mental Health Services

FAMCare CONNECT uses licensed therapists to provide quality mental healthcare by developing trust and treating the whole person. We work to meet the needs of children, adolescents, and adults so they can meet their full potential at home, school, and work. Our goal is to assure that children and families receive the level of mental health service that promotes emotional health and functional competence.

FAMCare CONNECT uses child-centered, family-driven, and strength-based techniques. We address the emotional and behavioral health needs of children and their families. The services included are: mental health medication management; psychological and other mental health testing and evaluation; intensive, in-home family therapy; specialized, child-focused therapies; and alcohol and drug counseling.

Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic violence counselors support victims and help them develop the skills they need to walk away from abusive relationships and live successfully on their own. They also work to stop the cycle of violence. FAMCare CONNECT counselors help these individuals develop self-esteem, identify relationship patterns and potential red flags, and behave with an appropriate level of assertiveness.

Mentoring and Coaching

FAMCare CONNECT’s mentoring and coaching services help individuals to achieve finite objectives in a defined timeframe. We establish individual, specific goals, and measurable outcomes while focusing on behaviors, performance, and change. Formal assessments and feedback are included to identify key performance drivers and areas for development. In our mentoring relationship, we are concerned about an individual’s satisfaction and success beyond specific objectives. In doing so, we create lasting relationships and resource for life.